Programming Interview Problems and Algorithms in Ruby

Zachary Paul is the author of the popular website, which is written in Ruby and uses Rails. Zachary received his MS in Computer Science from UC Berkeley and he has 8 years of Ruby programming experience.
The book covers a large number of the most common interview problems, as well as Ruby implementations of all major data structures and algorithms.
All code has been thoroughly tested, and is written in a clear and easy-to-read style with extensive explanations and comments.
The topics include Cycle and Intersection Detection in Linked Lists, Finding the First Node of a Cycle, Generation of Permutations and Combinations with and without Repetition, Reconstruction of Binary Trees from their Traversals, Tree Serialization, Finding the Top k Elements of Data Streams, MapReduce, Partial Sorting, the Skyline Problem, DFS, BFS and Topological Sorting of Dags, the Alternative Alphabet and the Phone Words Problems, Bitwise Operations, Dynamic Programming, and many others.

Download free at


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