Computer Science Programming Basics in Ruby

If you know basic high-school math, you can quickly learn and apply the core concepts of computer science with this concise, hands-on book. Led by a team of experts, you’ll quickly understand the difference between computer science and computer programming, and you’ll learn how algorithms help you solve computing problems.
Each chapter builds on material introduced earlier in the book, so you can master one core building block before moving on to the next. You’ll explore fundamental topics such as loops, arrays, objects, and classes, using the easy-to-learn Ruby programming language. Then you’ll put everything together in the last chapter by programming a simple game of tic-tac-toe.

Learn how to write algorithms to solve real-world problems
Understand the basics of computer architecture

Examine the basic tools of a programming language
Explore sequential, conditional, and loop programming structures
Understand how the array data structure organizes storage
Use searching techniques and comparison-based sorting algorithms
Learn about objects, including how to build your own
Discover how objects can be created from other objects
Manipulate files and use their data in your software

Table of Contents
Chapter 1. Introduction to Computer Science
Chapter 2. How Does the Computer Really Work?
Chapter 3. Core Programming Elements
Chapter 4. Conditional Structures
Chapter 5. Loop Structures
Chapter 6. Arrays
Chapter 7. Sorting and Searching
Chapter 8. Using Objects
Chapter 9. Defining Classes and Creating Objects
Chapter 10. Object Inheritance
Chapter 11. File Input/Output
Chapter 12. Putting It All Together: Tic-Tac-Toe
Appendix A. Recommended Additional Reading
Appendix B. Installing Ruby
Appendix C. Writing Code for Ruby
Appendix D. Using irb

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