Beginning Rails 4, 3rd Edition

Beginning Rails 4, 3rd Edition is a book that will guide you from never having programmed with Ruby, to having a Rails application built and deployed to the web. You’ll learn how to combine all the components of Rails to develop your own web applications.
You will learn how to use Git for source control and best practice techniques to create applications like a pro. Essential, and often-missed, information on testing and learning to program with Ruby are also covered.
This book is well suited for someone with little to no Ruby or Rails experience, or possibly even someone with no experience developing web applications at all. Beginning Rails 4 does assume a basic familiarity with the web and typical web terms, but doesn’t require you to be an expert of these. This book will springboard your journey into web application development, and show you how much fun building web applications with Ruby on Rails can be.

Learn to create Rails applications from the bottom up
Learn the basics of the Ruby programming language
Completely updated for Rails 4, including new information on turbo links, etc.

Beginning Rails 4, 3rd Edition gently guides you through designing your application, writing tests for the application, and then writing the code to make your application work as expected.
What you’ll learn

Learn the basics of the Ruby programming language
Learn the components of Rails, and how to leverage them to build rich web applications
Build a good foundation so you can move on to more advanced techniques
Learn the basics of databases and how to use them to store and retrieve your data
Use git source control and contribute to open source on Github

Deploy your application to the web so others can use it

Who this book is for
Beginning Rails 4, 3rd Edition is for anyone who wants to learn to quickly build applications, and deploy them to the web. No matter your experience level you’ll learn something from this book.
Table of Contents
Chapter 1. Introducing the Rails Framework
Chapter 2. Getting Started
Chapter 3. Getting Something Running
Chapter 4. Introduction to the Ruby Language
Chapter 5. Working with a Database: Active Record
Chapter 6. Advanced Active Record: Enhancing Your Models
Chapter 7. Action Pack: Working with the View and the Controller
Chapter 8. Advanced Action Pack
Chapter 9. JavaScript and CSS
Chapter 10. Sending and Receiving Email
Chapter 11. Testing Your Application
Chapter 12. Internationalization
Chapter 13. Deploying Your Rails Applications
Appendix A: Databases 101
Appendix B: The Rails Community
Appendix C: Git

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