Developing Games With Ruby: For those who write code for living

At day you have to wrangle with legacy code, fix bugs, struggle with APIs, deploy services and integrate things. Yet you wish you could create worlds, animate dragons, break laws of physics and design artificial intelligence. You can.
Table of Contents

A Boy Who Wanted To Create Worlds
Why Ruby?
What You Should Know Before Reading This Book
What Are We Going To Build?
Preparing The Tools
Getting The Sample Code
Other Tools
Gosu Basics
Warming Up
Prototyping The Game
Optimizing Game Performance
Refactoring The Prototype
Simulating Physics
Implementing Health And Damage
Creating Artificial Intelligence

Making The Prototype Playable
Dealing With Thousands Of Game Objects
Implementing Powerups
Implementing Heads Up Display
Implementing Game Statistics
Building Advanced AI
Wrapping It Up
Special Thanks


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